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What happens when you put a jeweler and collector together with a guitar player? Stringin’ Along with ME.

For years I tried to think of what I could create with the used guitar strings. I knew that there was something there. Recycling, jewelry designing and giving back all came together a few years ago with the design of my first guitar string bracelet…….I wear that bracelet every day.

My creative adventure began as a child making bracelets and rings out of the colored electrical wire my dad had in the garage. For many years I created jewelry and ornaments from precious metals and stones always incorporating a hand forged element in each piece. As my creative adventure has continued with Stringin’ Along with ME I have maintained the hand-forged element in each design whether in the clasp on a bracelet, the bail on a pendant or the ear wire loop on a pair of earrings. The wire I use now is recycled strings from guitars, bass guitars and the strings from other stringed instruments. The simplicity in each design allows me to maintain the integrity of the string which in itself becomes a design element. Whether using a flat wound string or brass string from a guitar or a string from an upright bass, the texture of the string is always highlighted in each piece with the colored silk ends of some strings and the brass end nut of others being used as accents.

Giving back to community, friends and family is another element that came together with Stringin’ Along with ME.

Hope you enjoy what I do and thank you for helping me do what I love.

Check out the Betina’s Silver Sun collection, a series of hand forged designs.

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New life for old guitar strings

Portland Press Herald

Betina Clark recycles guitar strings into earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Betina Clark got tired of watching her musician boyfriend toss out used guitar strings. There must, she thought, be something she could do with them to save them from the trash …


People, places & things I love and support!

Sean Mencher

is among the most revered and respected guitarists in the international rockin’ scene, and with just cause.

“If you’ve heard him with the High Noon rockabilly trio, or seen him trading guitar licks with Ronnie Dawson on TV, or backing countless other rock and roll legends at festivals around the world, then you already know what all the fuss is about.
His stellar thumb-picking has garnered attention for every act he has ever accompanied, but now, for the first time on record, that light shines solely on Sean’s guitar playing.

Recorded with a vintage RCS ribbon mic from the Event Records’ studio, this record pays homage to some of Sean’s guitar heroes – Merle Travis, Scotty Moore, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, and Don Rich. His equally impressive original compositions and arrangements further establish Sean as one of the absolute best in the business.

What more can be said? Play the record and let the toe-tapping and jaw-dropping commence!”

– Nate Gibson
Musician and Author, “The Starday Story: The House that Country Music Built.”

Sean Mencher Music

CDs $15

Sean Mencher Plays Guitar – CD


ARTIST: Sean Mencher
FORMAT: Compact Disc
LABEL: Swelltune Records – SRCD-002
RELEASE DATE: September 28, 2018
MUSICIANS: Sean Mencher – guitar

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