Remembrance Pieces

Remember your loved one by having the strings from their instrument made into a unique piece of jewelry. Wear them with you always.


    Remembrance Piece Stories

    “Betina turned strings from my father’s Gibson (guitar) into memorial bracelets for myself and my siblings. These one of a kind creations hold the memory of childhood and are absolutely magic!”

    — Christina Oertel

    “Though it has been a few years, I still struggle to visit Nafa’s departure in my mind’s eye. Nafa was a founding member of our band the Midnight Bowlers League, a friend to all, and in every way, my brother. I can say with absolute certainty that individuals everywhere actually considered him their best friend, and each, to man or woman was correct in that assessment.

    For those that had attended our shows, I’m sure your smiles were wider and your laughs were harder, and that, was because of Nafa. If you lost your breath because you couldn’t stop dancing, that was because of Nafa. If you joined a band after you saw how much fun we seemed to be having on stage, that was because of Nafa.

    To say we were all lost is an oversimplification, but one which is sufficient when words are scarce in abject dispair. And when Nafa’s parents handed me his guitar,  I knew that moment what to do. I would entrust the strings to Betina.

    For his parents and I, she created unique and treasured keepsakes, that we wear on a daily basis. Nafa poured his soul into his music, and Betina made it possible for us always hold and be surrounded with it.

    As I write this, I know deep down, Nafa’s wish is that we keep playing. In the off chance that we are forced to play as a three piece, know that he will always be on the stage with the Midnight Bowlers League. If you don’t see him there, just look to my wrist. He’s hanging on tight. Betina made that possible.”

    — Tim Masters