Stringin’ Along with ME

is a line of handcrafted jewelry created using the recycled strings from guitars, bass guitars and other stringed instruments. Each piece is designed and created with a handforged element that allows the integrity of the string to be maintained and highlighted.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoy

Being green and sustainable is a leading principle of Stringin` Along with ME. Whether using 100% recycled strings to create these unique pieces, using the recycled string envelopes as packaging, or using reclaimed sterling silver recycling and reusing materials is always in the forefront of Stringin’ Along with ME’s business practices.

Each year an estimated 1.5 million pounds of string waste ends up in landfills. Only one string company offers any kind of recycling program. Stringin’ Along with ME also offers a “recycling program” (see Recycle your strings section under Details) giving new life to new strings transforming them into beautiful pieces of art to wear, gift and enjoy.

Remembrance Pieces!

Remember your loved one by having the strings from their instrument made into a unique piece of jewelry. Wear them with you always!

Praise for Stringin’ Along With ME